• "Authentisch und faszinierend! Mir hat Cati noch einmal die Augen für Rio geöffnet...für einen neuen Blickwinkel, den ich seit 5 Jahren in Rio -zumindest auf diese Weise- nicht hatte. Vielen vielen Dank! Die Tour ist meiner Meinung nach essentiell für einen Aufenthalt in dieser Stadt!"
  • "I had an amazing tour with Caterine. I learned so much about Rochina and Brazil. The tour was both sensitive to the residents and inspiring. Caterine was an amazing tour guide with so much knowledge I absolutely loved it!!!"
  • "普通のツアーでは見られない、奥の奥のエリアまで見せてもらえたのが、印象的。異なる文化に触れることができ、大満足です!

    It was epic tour !
    She brought us so deep inside of the Rocinha where we couldn't get into alone. We enjoyed a lot and also good to know that plece and different culture."
  • "Catarine took me and a friend on two tours in Rio - one in Rocinha and one in Centro. They were both amazing !!

    What is really great about Cati's tours is that she takes you to places that are "off the beaten track". That is, her tours are unique in comparison to others. Also, as someone who was born and bred in, and loves, Rocinha, her knowledge of its history and culture is wide, and any questions we had (and we had lots) were met with interesting and in-depth answers. And all in her third language (after Portuguese and German), English!

    Me and my friend were really happy and grateful after our two tours. As a tour guide in Rio, Cati is unique, friendly and worth contacting if you wanna get to know this amazing place a bit better with a wonderful person :) "
  • "Really fantastic!! Cat gave us all the time in the world today for a very thorough tour of Rocinha with fantastic local knowledge and history. I have learnt so much it has really made my time here complete. If you ever get a chance to tour Rocinha with Cat you should definitely take it!!"