The aim of the Favela Tour is to show you some of the cultural aspects of Rochina, the daily routine of the people here, and a view of the favela which is not shown in the media. 
We will walk through some of the alleys and streets and discuss the origins of the favela, some of the issues the community faces, but also some of the positive social and cultural activities that are going on. We will stop for a break in the NGO 'Amigos da Vida" (Friends for Life) where I also teach German classes for young people and adults in the community. The tour usually finishes with a capoeira class, which is a type Brazilian martial art that traces its origins to the West African slaves that were brought to Brazil, and then finally we will visit some boutiques run by local artists.
Unlike many other tour guides working in the favela, I was born and raised here, so will be able to give you a tour from a local perspective. 
Don't hesitate to get in touch and arrange a tour now!